New Construction

Regulate the Temperature in Your New Home

Regulate the Temperature in Your New Home

Set up new construction HVAC installation services in Amarillo, TX

You've put a considerable amount of your time and resources into your new construction project. Whether you're building your first house or a new business building, hire an HVAC contractor you can trust in Amarillo, TX. You can rely on Palo Duro Heating and Air to deliver superior new construction HVAC services.

We'll make sure your home or business is equipped with an HVAC system suited for your property size. Call us today to get a free estimate on your HVAC installation.

Get an HVAC load calculation from the experts

Palo Duro Heating and Air provides load calculations as a part of our new construction HVAC services. An accurate load calculation is essential for many reasons, including:

  • It'll provide the most accurate blueprint for an energy-efficient setup.
  • It'll ensure that you're not installing an HVAC system that'll be overworked.
  • It'll give you an idea of your heating and cooling costs.

The city of Amarillo, TX actually requires that you get a load calculation along with a permit as you're building. This has to happen before we can provide our HVAC installation services. Call today to set up load calculation services.

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